‘Slide to Unlock’ Before You Enter Your Home, Thanks to This iDoormat

Just in case Apple’s products haven’t totally permeated your daily life, you can now ‘slide to unlock’ your feet before you enter your home. The “Fußmatte Slide to unlock” doormat by GetDigital is a doormat specifically designed for the iEverything fanatic.

It’s a typical doormat that, you guessed it, features the charming ‘slide to unlock’ interface you see on your iPhone’s lockscreen everyday.

“With this doormat, all your visitors will enter your home with a smile on their face! By the way, similarities with screen views of certain devices with a fruit on their back are intended.”

This iDoormat sells for 20 Euros, which translates to about $28 (not including shipping).

While it may seem a little overkill, this doormat is sure to get some laughs and attention from your friends when they pay you a visit. And no, this doormat will not actually ‘unlock’ anything. You’ll still need a key to the house. (That would be cool, though.)

You can order this charming mat from GetDigital’s website.

What do you think of this iDoormat? I want one!

[Cult of Mac, image via Bernd]