The White iPhone Hero

An interesting and somewhat funny piece of information that iDB reader @EpicGameReviews sent us about the white iPhone 4. If you go to Apple’s website, right click on the image of the white iPhone 4 on the homepage, and select “view image” or “image info”, you will see how Apple named the image: white_iphone_hero_20110425.jpg.

Does Apple really consider the white iPhone 4 as a hero? I highly doubt it. Does Apple web team have a funny sense of humor? Most likely…

UPDATE: Thanks iDB readers for pointing out how ignorant I am. I had absolutely no idea what a hero shot was until today. But hey, to my defense, I’m French and I’m still learning English everyday. Especially today </embarrassed face>

It’s always nice to see larger companies joking around a little bit.

What says you?