First White iPhone 4 Has Been Sold!

While even I’m growing tired of the constant white iPhone 4 rumors, this little tidbit was definitely worth reporting. So far sources within AT&T and Verizon have yet to see any evidence of a white iPhone 4 April launch.

Other than the mysterious order page that showed up on a website last week, we really haven’t seen any concrete evidence that the phone even exists. Well it looks like earlier today, some real proof started materializing…

9to5Mac posted a supposed company memo this morning from a BelCompany employee. The Netherlands retailer sells phones for multiple carriers (much like an agent location in the states) and is claiming that T-Mobile will have exclusivity on the iPhone, in the Netherlands at least, when it launches later this month.

Apparently the blog was asked to take the photo of the memo down, but this is their translation of what it said:

“This Wednesday, all retail stores will receive the white T-Mobile iPhone 4 16 GB. Also, a limited number of retail stores will receive one single white iPhone 4 32 GB. New supplies will be scare/very limited. If the supply is exhausted/sold out, inform the customer that new deliveries are expected in 4 to 5 weeks time.”

That’s not all; stores across Europe have been reporting that they have been receiving shipments from Apple in boxes marked “Do not open until April 27th.” Could we finally have an official launch date for the mythical phone?

If you’re still skeptical at this point, you might want to check out these pictures Engadget posted this afternoon of an actual white iPhone 4 and its retail box. Apparently a Vodafone customer was able to purchase this white iPhone 4 when the retailer’s POS (Point of Sale) system recognized the item as a black model. Obviously it was a mistake and employees have since been instructed not to sale anymore until next week.

9to5Mac points out an interesting fact in the uploaded white iPhone 4 pictures. Notice the black strip above the speaker. That is the proximity sensor, its what turns your screen off when your cheek is close to the screen to avoid pressing buttons.

On the black model it’s barely noticeable, but on the white model it seems to really stick out. They speculate that this might have been one of the major obstacles Apple had to deal with during the production process.

Whatever the case, it appears we finally have some real proof that we’ll see a white iPhone 4 in the near future. It’s been quite a roller coaster since the device mysteriously disappeared from Apple’s order page last summer.

Are you going to be getting a white iPhone 4?