Early Adopters of CutYourSim Permanent Unlock Report Success

Earlier this week, we reported on a new method for permanently unlocking the iPhone 4 without the need to jailbreak. Although the service costs a fairly expensive price of $169.99, several users were ready to shell out that amount if they could get some proof as to whether this service was legit or not.

Thanks to some early adopters’ recent feedback, the service seems to be legit and works quite nicely…

As seen above, several Twitter users have confirmed that the service has permanently unlocked their iPhone 4s successfully, providing evidence as well.

With an overwhelming demand for the service, CutYourSim has temporarily suspended sales. CutYourSim states that orders that went through will continue to be processed, while new orders are not being accepted until further notice.

For additional information on how a permanent unlock work, check out our article from yesterday here.

Now that users have confirmed the legitimacy of the service, how many of you have bit the bullet and gone ahead and purchased the permanent unlock service?