New Nimbus Web Browser is Free for a Limited Time

Let’s face it, Apple’s default Safari web browser on the iPhone could use an upgrade. It’s not bad by any means, but it could certainly stand to add some much needed features. Maybe that’s why 3rd party web browsers in the App Store are so popular.

If apps like Opera Mini and Skyfire don’t quench your thirst for alternative browsing options, allow me to introduce you to something different. As of today jailbroken iPhone users can download Nimbus, a new web browsing application in Cydia

Nimbus is marketed as the new standard for mobile browsing. The app is clean and very efficient. It takes light to the extreme by not saving temporary internet files and browsing history isn’t cached. This also means there is no trail of visited websites within the Nimbus web browser, much like the ‘Private’ browsing feature we’ve seen spring up in other software.

The user interface is minimal and allows for quick navigation. Although it’s missing any real stand out features like Flash capabilities or tabbed windows, it does offer full screen browsing and is pinch to zoom capable.

The quick search feature is nice, as it brings up in a second window. Their default home page is also fairly useful with Twitter, Facebook, and CNN links. Users can return to the home page at any time by shaking their device (I had to violently shake my iPhone to trigger it).

That being said, I can’t see myself replacing Safari with this browser. The lack of features like multiple browsing windows really cripple this app as a potential everyday browser. The fact that it doesn’t save your browsing history means you’ll be resigning into every account, like eBay, every time you visit their sites.

But folks looking for a light and private browser may appreciate Nimbus’ small feature-set. It is currently available in Cydia for free, but the developer notes in the app description that it’s only for a limited time. So you better grab your copy of Nimbus quickly before the promotion ends.

Have you tried Nimbus yet? What is your preferred iPhone browser?