iKeyGuard – The First and Only Key Logger for Your iPhone

The purpose of key loggers has always been kind of cloudy to me. I suppose if you wanted to monitor your computer covertly while you were away, a key logger would make sense.

If you were a parent wanting to keep tabs on your kid’s online activities, you could certainly use a key logger to record their ventures. I’ve even heard of people using key loggers on their spouses.

While, key logging on a computer still doesn’t seem useful to me, key logging on a smartphone does.

You could have archives of text messages and emails you’ve sent from your device. If you have been looking for something similar, the application iKeyGuard makes key logging easy on your iPhone or other iDevice…

Available to most jailbroken iDevices, iKeyGuard markets itself as the only iOS key logger in town. The application itself is completely invisible.

Once downloaded from Cydia, the only way to access the app is through a local web portal. The free version only records a couple of words from each application. The full version though will record every keystroke, in virtually any app.

Just do a quick Cydia search for iKeyGuard. It is in BigBoss, which is one of the default repos, so you should find it without a problem.

After it’s installed, I would do a quick restart of your iPhone. Once back up and running, point safari to localhost:4444. I couldn’t get the portal to pull up until after I restarted my iPhone.

You should now be looking at the main menu of iKeyGuard with a huge Disclaimer at the bottom. I actually recommend reading it if you plan to use the software on a regular basis.

Besides the whole it-might-be-illegal thing, the app is pretty solid. It performs as advertised, recording keystrokes from all my apps. This is from a sentence I put into Notes.app. Because I’m using the free version, it only recorded the first few words.

But if you have been looking for a key logger for your iPhone, you won’t be disappointed. The app takes up little RAM as it sits in the background so your device doesn’t lag.

You can even set a password on the key logs to keep your prying a secret. If you want the full version, just click Buy in the main menu of iKeyGuard or visit here. It records every word and adds extra features like the ability to email the logs at customizable intervals. Yeah, scary.

Have you tried iKeyGuard? Is there other key logger software for the iPhone we’re missing?