Adobe Photoshop Coming to iPad?

It appears that Adobe has been working on porting a full-featured version of their extremely popular photo editing software over to Apple’s iOS. Obviously the iPad is their device of choice due to it’s 10″ display and advanced multitouch capabilities.

Despite Apple’s disagreement with Adobe on their Flash platform, I’m sure they would be happy to welcome an iPad Photoshop application of this caliber. Adobe took the opportunity at their annual Photoshop World event to preview what they have in the pipeline for tablet devices.

PhotoShop World 2011 attendees were treated to a demo of a version of Photoshop running on an Apple iPad with a pretty slick interface. The software seemed to be lightyears ahead of Adobe’s current iPad offering, Photoshop Express.

Check out the video below of the event to see a live demo of Adobe’s tablet concept. It supports layers and allows you to mix colors together like a painter on a palette. It really gives you a good idea of what to expect from future tablet-oriented software.

Would you use Photoshop or any other app to do heavy editing on your iPad?