iPhone Dev Team Beta-Testing an Untethered Jailbreak

It seems like all of the eyes in the jailbreak community are on the Dev Team and their associated hackers. Apple introduced iOS 4.3 almost 3 weeks ago and since then we have yet to see an untethered jailbreak come out of the Dev Team’s camp.

iPad 2 users, and those that accidentally installed iOS 4.3, are starting to sweat as a jailbreak that was once thought to be released shortly after iOS 4.3 has turned into a 3 week stand off. Well it looks like there has been some breakthroughs from the Dev Team…Well-known hacker i0n1c tweeted a few hours ago that the iPhone Dev Team is already beta-testing his untethered jailbreak. He also noted that it would be up to them to package the jailbreak software. But the fact that they are beta-testing should give jailbreakers some hope that an official release will be announced soon.

I’ve been holding out on all the tethered jailbreaks that have come along for 4.3. It just simply wasn’t feasible for me to be at my computer every time my phone restarted. What would happen if my springboard crashed from one of my many mobile substrate tweaks while I was out and about? There also hasn’t been anything I’ve seen in iOS 4.3 that I just had to have, except maybe the AirPlay enhancements.

Are we close to an untethered solution? Are you on 4.3 and dying for an official jailbreak release?