iPad 2 Jailbreak Exploit is Most likely Not Patched by Apple

When we told you about Comex’s jailbreak, we warned you about ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization). It was one of the new security measures Apple implemented into iOS to thwart off jailbreakers, and was expected to delay a jailbreak release for quite some time.

Well Comex later commented that while he had an exploit that worked, he knew 4.3.1 would release very soon, and did not want to risk Apple patching his exploit with the new firmware. Thus he would wait until that release, which happened earlier today, to release a jailbreak solution.

Those worried that Apple somehow disabled the jailbreak in the update need not worry. Popular jailbreak spokesman MuscleNerd, confirmed via twitter today that it didn’t look like Apple fixed the glitch that Comex used in his hacking of the iPad 2.

Of course he also warns to hold off on updating to 4.3.1 until things are confirmed and stable. It has also been confirmed that Comex’s exploit is a ‘userland’ jailbreak, which means it can be done straight off the iDevice. Those who remember the ‘Spirit’ jailbreak series remember jailbreaking was as easy as typing jailbreakme.com into Safari.

Things are looking good for an official jailbreak release for the iPad 2 and other iDevices with iOS 4.3.1. Stay tuned to ziPadblog for the latest in jailbreak info.

Does anyone have an iPad 2 and is excited to jailbreak? Tell us in the comments below.