FlipOver Allows You to Mute or Lock Your iDevice by Turning it Face Down

I love it when an application is unobtrusive and functional. You don’t get many of these from Apple’s App Store because they have such strict rules for developers. There must be an icon added to the home screen and there are certain parts of iOS the app cannot access.

This is a big reason why my iDevices are jailbroken and why I like Cydia so much. It’s basically a hot bed for innovation as developers have far less limitations when submitting apps to the Cydia Store. FlipOver is a perfect example of that innovation…

FlipOver allows you to set your iDevice to lock or mute when it is turned face down. This is extremely handy if you have an iPhone sitting in front of you at a meeting. As soon as it begins to ring, turning it over on its face will immediately silence the ringer and help you avoid embarrassment.

The set up is very easy. You just need to open up Cydia, and navigate to search. Type in “FlipOver” and and proceed to download. Once installed, there won’t be an icon on your home screen. Just navigate to Settings and scroll down to the FlipOver tab.

As you can see, the tweak is very limited in features, but it performs as advertised. You can turn the lock and mute functions on or off and adjust the sensitivity and refresh rates. (This changes how flat the device has to be before it mutes or locks itself.)

The application isn’t free; downloading FlipOver will run you $0.99. As always, you must be using a jailbroken device to access Cydia, and must have a Cydia Store account to purchase applications.

Has anyone tried this app out yet? Tell us below!