Microphone Differences Between Wi-Fi and 3G iPad 2?

If you’re still on the fence about which iPad 2 model to go with, pay attention. The folks over at iLounge have been giving their next-gen iPads a workout. They’ve written an in depth comparison between the 3 models (Wi-Fi, 3G AT&T, 3G Verizon) and have found some unique differences.

One of the most interesting finds was the difference in microphone quality. In their review they found that the microphone on the Wi-Fi iPad 2 offered considerably better sound quality versus either of the 3G models.

They note that the 3G versions had a bit of an echo and sounded muffled. The microphone on the Verizon model seem to suffer from the issues more severely, but they were clearly evident in both.

What could be causing the deteriorated sound? The answer could be simple. The mic sits right above the FaceTime camera, which in the 3G models is exactly where they stick the plastic antenna strip.

They note the microphone problems were more evident when the iPad’s screen is facing the user, such as in a FaceTime call.

If you are still looking for help in making your iPad 2 decision, check out Sebastien’s review with sample pics and video.

Has anyone seen these mic issues with their iPad 2 3G? Tell us below!