Some Users Reporting iPad 2 Screen Issues

It’s true. Apple moves their launch products so quickly that, sometimes the glue isn’t done drying, by the time it hits consumer hands. We saw it with the iPhone 4 and MacRumors is reporting similar issues with the iPad 2.

The good news is, with the iPhone 4, the yellow tint went away within the first couple of days. Other sites are also reporting that besides the yellow film, users are claiming that light actually leaks in some areas around the iPad 2 display bezel.

Are these units really defective? No. Like we mentioned earlier, the yellow tint and the gaps in the display bezel are likely due to the bonding agent, used in production, not being completely dried.

Consumers should continue to use their iPad 2’s like normal, and  if these issues don’t disappear within the first week, take it back to the retailer you purchased it at and have them look at it.

Has anyone seen either of these issues with their iPad 2? Tell us below!