Verizon iPhone gets Carrier Update via Apple

Attention Verizon Wireless iPhone users: welcome to iOS! TiPb Forums are buzzing with iPhone users, on the big red network, finding a carrier update in their settings app. There doesn’t seem to be any information available on the reason behind the update, but users are reporting it to be quick and painless.

To me that’s typical Apple. Well not always quick (depending on your connection), but compared to some of the nightmare stories you hear about OTA software updates for Google’s Android OS, definitely painless…

So if you’re an early adopter of the iPhone on Verizon, the update can be found by going to your ‘Settings’ app -> General -> About. Forum posters are reporting that the download upgrades your carrier version from Verizon 9 to 10.1. It’s also important to note that some jailbroken users aren’t seeing the update available.

Has anyone received this update on their Verizon iPhone yet? Are you jailbroken?