‘TruPrint’ Brings AirPrint Compatibility to Your Unsupported Printers

AirPrint — a great concept — not so great in execution. That’s because Apple only provides AirPrint support to a small percentage of the world’s printers.

Thanks to Intelliborn, the creators behind the premium apps MyWi, My3G, and others; that’s all about to change.

That’s because TruPrint promises to add support to the hundreds of printers that Apple has unapologetically neglected…


Even though the prices for Intelliborn apps are usually a lot pricier than the run of the mill jailbreak apps you might find on the Cydia store, their track record speaks for itself.

Although I do believe $9.99 is a tad steep to add functionality that should have already been there in the first place; I can’t knock those guys for finding a need, and trying to make a living off of the opportunity.

Just like MyWi and My3G, TruPrint does what it says it will, and does it well. It’s a simple affair; there are not loads of settings to configure, and it’ll pretty much recognize any printer on your network within seconds.

My Canon Pixma — a printer not supported by Apple’s AirPrint — was picked up within seconds. Seconds later, I had successfully printed a test email; something I’ve longed to do for quite a while.

TruPrint essentially piggybacks off of Apple’s existing AirPrint technology; hence you will need an iPhone with iOS 4.2 compatible firmware.

While Intelliborn admits that not every printer will be supported from the start, it’s obvious that they’ve tried to hit the most popular during the first go ’round, with plenty of updates sure to come.

Again, TruPrint comes in at a hefty price, so if you don’t find yourself needing to print from your iPhone, there’s really no need to have this app.

If you have been daydreaming about the possibilities, though, there is a free 3-day trial packed in to give you some time to check it out.

You will of course need a jailbroken iPhone to download and install TruPrint from the Cydia store.

What do you think? Have you been longing to print directly from your iPhone?