Use the iPhone to Drive Your Co-Workers Insane

Picture the scenario: Somebody with the default iPhone ringtone gets a phone call in a room full of other iPhone users. Everyone instantly reaches into their pocket and awkwardly looks around the room wondering who’s iPhone is actually going off.

We’ve all been there.

If you feel like pulling a good prank, there’s a website that replicates the iPhone’s default sounds. is a website that displays an iPhone mockup with two options. You can play the default iPhone ringtone, and the default SMS tone. You can play these two tones repeatedly through your computer speakers for as long as you like. If you work in an office full of iPhone users, you’re sure to cause a disturbance by playing the iPhone’s default tones at full blast.

That’s all there is to AnnoyPhone. Pretty cool, huh?

We’re curious to hear how you use AnnoyPhone to irritate the other iPhone users around you. Let us know how you use it to drive your friends crazy in the comments below.