AT&T Now Showing 4G HSPA+ Coverage Map

AT&T is now showing its 4G coverage map on its website. The cites/areas listed on the map only reflect the places that have undergone a complete backhaul upgrade for 4G speeds. This 4G rollout is apart of AT&T’s new promotional campaign to show off its 4G capabilities.

Since the iPhone was made available on Verizon, AT&T has had to find another way of attracting potential customers. This 4G stunt is obviously part of AT&T’s new strategy to show that it doesn’t really have awful coverage…

The current cities that support 4G speeds are:

  • Bay Area, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • NorCal, CA
  • Houston, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Chicago, IL
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Boston, MA
  • Providence, RI
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Puerto Rico

iClarified reports,

“Currently, the list is limited because it only includes the full cities which have undergone the backhaul upgrade. AT&T has deployed HSPA+ to 100% of the network, but if the site you are connected to does not have “enhanced backhaul” you will not be able to take advantage of 4G speeds.”

This new coverage map can be found at When you visit the site, click on “Coverage” and hover over the map to see the areas that are 4G active.

AT&T also has a list of their flagship 4G devices on the network page. AT&T’s 4G smartphone offerings currently include the HTC Inspire, MOTOROLA ATRIX and the Samsung Infuse.

AT&T also offers a “Shockwave 4G” portable, USB modem that taps into available 4G coverage.

And before you ask- No, the iPhone 4 does not support 4G.

Have you used 4G in your area? Have you noticed a difference from 3G?

[via iClarified]