Monitor App Store Price Drops With AppDeals

The fine folks at AppsFire have launched a new service called “AppDeals.” AppsFire is a popular app recommendation service that already has a successful app in the App Store.

AppDeals is “the best way to find the hottest deals on the greatest apps.”  If you like to go app hunting for cool new finds, AppDeals will help you find the discounted steals in the App Store that may have otherwise passed you by.

If you’re looking for a way to track price drops in the App Store, AppDeals is an excellent companion for your deal hunting needs…

The first thing you will notice when launching AppDeals is the unconventional streaming” tile” layout. This design maximizes the amount of discounted apps you can see at once. As apps drop in price or go free, they “push” into the stream of icons for each category.

AppDeals automatically displays the apps that are “Now Free” and worthy of your consideration. There is also a “Top Free” section in which apps are the hottest, and the “Price Drops” category (my personal favorite).

Icons are delegated into App Store categories, and you can view a specific app by simply tapping on its icon. AppsDeals is really easy to use, and it requires no settings configuration from the user.

When you tap on an icon, the App Store information for that app is displayed, along with the app’s “Firemeter” and and the current price drop. The Firemeter displays how “hot” an app currently is in the App Store. This gauge is a good way to observe how popular an app is before you buy.

AppDeals also boasts robust sharing options; you can send the deals you find to Twitter and Facebook, or share a link through email or SMS.

If you want a fluid and straightforward way to see App Store deals as they happen, this app is what you need. AppDeals is available for free in the App Store.

What do you think about AppDeals? Do you hunt for price drops in the App Store? Hopefully AppDeals can help.

[via TNW]