Mobile Ad Firm Estimates How Many Verizon iPhones Are Currently in Use

Giddy about how many customers AT&T will lose now that an alternative carrier is available in the US? You’re not alone.

Mobile Ad Firm, Chitika, has established a live tracker that tracks the number of Verizon iPhone’s that currently access its ad network via cellular signal.

Right now, that total stands at 3.6%, which likely means that there are a little over one million Verizon iPhone’s currently in use…

Mac Rumors spoke with Chitika’s Dan Ruby, and he suggested that 3% equaled about 900,000 potential iPhone in the wild by rough estimate.

With that in mind, we figure that 1% = around 300,000 iPhones, so half a percentage point would garner about 150,000. Hence, we were able to come up with our 1,000,000 ballpark figure simply by adding those two figures together.

Bear in mind that this is only a rough estimate, because not all Verizon iPhones are touching Chitika’s ad network, not all are using cellular data, and not all have been activated; so these figures are nothing more than a guesstimate.

Still, it gives us some idea about how Verizon’s iPhone is stacking up with regard to its installed base. It’ll be interesting to see how the percentages change a whole week after the Verizon iPhone’s launch.

How do you think the numbers are stacking up so far?

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