Walmart, Everybody and Their Mother, to Carry Verizon iPhone

So, today is officially V-day, a.k.a. Verizon day. To celebrate, everyone’s invited, and I do mean, everyone.

Walmart is the latest retailer to get their grubby hands on the Verizon iPhone 4 at launch, making it apparent that Apple wants to move the iPhone 4 into commodity status.

Not that the iPhone 4 was some rare luxury device to begin with or anything, but c’mon, it’s Walmart…

“We’re excited to bring iPhone 4 on the Verizon Wireless network, one the most anticipated mobile phone launches in recent history, to Walmart customers,” noted Gary Severson, senior vice president of Home Entertainment for Walmart.

So that makes Apple, Verizon, Best Buy, and now Walmart, places where you can theoretically walk in and score an iPhone 4 today.

Either Apple has made a boatload of these things, or there’s going to be some awfully disappointed would-be adopters.

We’re sending out our iPhone army of ants to scope the scene, ensuring we have first hand reports of today’s antics. Stay safe out there.

Ya’ll going to Walmart?