iPhone Hardware and Accessories from Macworld Expo

The Macworld Expo is a giant technology conference that takes place once a year in California. Unlike the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Macworld is totally focused on everything Apple. The entire conference is devoted to Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPods, hardware, accessories, etc. Journalists and Apple pundits meet at Macworld to discuss the state of Apple’s technology and speculate about what is to come.

Hardware is a huge part of Macworld, with more and more attention increasingly being given to iOS hardware and accessories. The guys over at Mac Life posted a great gallery of some iOS hardware/accessories that stood out at Macworld this year. Here are a couple highlights from their findings…

Dry Case

This case is pretty self-explanatory. With Dry Case, you can take your iPhone with you on all of your adventures under the sea. This waterproof case will cost you $39.99.


I want a pair of these. You haven’t experienced real frustration until it’s below freezing and you’re trying to use your iPhone while wearing a pair of gloves. It’s practically impossible.

Freehands are a dream come true for any iPhone user in a colder climate. Prices range from $20-$80 on the product’s website.


Isn’t this an Apple geek’s dream? I’m sure we all wish we had enough iDevices to warrant the purchase of a Parasync charging and synchronization dock, but most of us probably don’t. However, this giant, 20 dock sync-station is still really cool.

If you have been waiting for the ability to sync/charge up to 20 iDevices with iTunes at once, Parasync will set you back a whopping $980.

Pico Projector

Mobile projectors have begun to make themselves known in the tech industry, with Pico at the forefront. The ShowWX Pico Projector allows for mobile projecting straight from your iPhone.

It would be pretty cool to have a small, portable projector on hand if you ever wanted to show something on the iPhone to a group of people. It’s always awkward when a bunch of people are crowding around that small screen. How much cooler would it be to just whip out a mini-projector? The ShowWX Projector will cost you $300.

TV Plug

TV Plug is a router/TV tuner/network hardrive for streaming media to different devices. Any Wifi enabled iDevice can receive streaming TV from your tuner in real time through the TV Plug.

Check out more details from the product’s website.

USB Outlet

Hopefully this type of outlet will become standard in all new homes. Hotels should definitely have them.

The concept is pretty self-explanatory: no more charging adapters. These outlets can be bought for about $23 per unit.

Thanks to the guys at Mac Life for finding these great products and taking these pictures on the Macworld floor. Check out their complete gallery for even more cool hardware from Macworld.

Do you like any of these products? Some are a little too pricy, but it’s always cool to get to see the creative inventions people are making for the iPhone.