Very Em-bear-rassing: Toy Bear Hooks Up to Your iPhone and Reads Your Most Intimate Tweets Out Loud

Only in Japan folks, only in Japan. Tokyo-based toy maker WiZ Co. has created an electronic toy bear that can hook up to your iPhone and read your tweets out loud, lip movement and all.

Owners of the device can download a special app for their iPhone, plug in a cable, and watch the hilarity ensue as the bear repeats your tweets aloud.

I don’t know about you, but this just sounds like a recipe for disaster, video inside…

One of the main issues with the bear is the lack of a volume adjustment button; meaning that if you’re a regular recipient of embarrassing tweets, you might want to defer.

Although the toy — dubbed Charatter — is able to speak English, his native tongue is Japanese, so it’s bound to goof up on a few words here and there. Cut him some slack, he’s still learning.

For around $27 bucks this bear can be yours, but you’re probably not going to find it in the States; you may need to do some bear hunting online.

Oh, and he has his own Twitter account as well. What a Charatter, indeed.