Elderly Woman Gets Caught Trying to Smuggle Over 40 iPhones Through the Airport

Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport was the scene of a recent iPhone smuggling bust featuring an unlikely participant; A 60+ year old woman.

How in the world she was able to walk around with over 40 iPhone 4’s is anyone’s guess, but she did. Security began to take note of her struggles to walk (you don’t say..?) and eventually she was asked to step inside a full body scanner.

I think you can probably figure out how the rest of this story went…

Dressed in traditional attire, and strapped to the brim with 44 iPhone’s, imagine the agent’s surprise when they saw an iPhone..then another, then another, then… hey! It’s like an iPhone vine inside all that garb!

Reportedly, the lady managed to stash the iPhone’s inside of her stockings.

I don’t know about you, but that mental image certainly drops the value of those iPhone’s in my mind…

No word yet on whether or not she will face any criminal charges.

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