Will a Qualcomm Baseband Grace the Innards of the iPhone 5?

More potential iPhone 5 goodies to start your weekend off right. Well known Italian hacker, Zibri, has documented his findings from a recent decompile of the latest version of iTunes, uncovering some interesting tidbits.

According to him, the decompile uncovered two files that are quick and easy indicators that future iPhone basebands will be Qualcomm Based. What does this mean for the future of the iPhone?

Well, nothing concrete at this point, although Zibri did seem to be pretty adamant that where there’s smoke there’s fire. In other words, he says that the two files that were located via the decompile — “partition.mbn” and “AMSS.MBN” — are the primary building blocks of any Qualcomm baseband.

This isn’t exactly shocking due to the fact that the Verizon iPhone is CDMA based, and Qualcomm is kind of like, a forefather of CDMA technology to begin with. Whether or not this finding points to the future of the iPhone, meaning models after the iPhone 4, is still anyone’s guess.

Zibri admits that the clues could point to any future iOS device, including the iPhone, or even the upcoming iPad refresh.

What do you think?

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