The Best iPhone Apps For Movie Lovers

As a former film major, I love to get all the details on movies. Fortunately for me, the App Store is full of film-buff apps for the iPhone. Whether you love to watch, rent, buy, organize, or attend movies, there is an app for you.

Below I have compiled a list of my favorite apps with a few words on how they serve film buffs.  Read on to see my favorites…


The official app is usually the first thing I look at when researching a movie. It’s full of articles, opinion, content, movie info, trailers and reviews. I lose a lot of time from my day immersed in this wonderful app. [iTunes Link]

FlickChart for iPhone

FlickChart is a web-app with a great native interface for the iPhone. If you haven’t used the desktop web-app version, it puts two movie posters side-by-side and prompts you to tap which one you like better.

The web app will then generate a ranked list of your favorite movies, great movies you haven’t seen, etc. This app really helped change my perspective of what my favorite movies really are. [Link]


This iPhone app is the official RottenTomatoes app. Hence, It has tons of information about DVDs, movies in theaters, and any other details you’ll need in order to go to a nearby theater or pickup and watch a DVD. It is integrated with Netflix information and the beloved Rotten Tomato rating system. It’s free and it’s a must-have. [iTunes Link]


This is a great app for purchasing tickets in advance from your iPhone. I’ve been able to easily pick a movie, a theater and a show time while waiting for my food at a restaurant, purchase the tickets, and print them upon arrival at the theater. Another must-have for any moviegoer. [iTunes Link]

iCollect Movies

If you have a large DVD collection, you’ll want this. You can use the camera on your iPhone to scan the barcodes of your movies. From there the app will download the cover and information of the movie and add it to your collection.

What makes this app shine is the online syncing feature that lets you share your information with another device. If you have the iPad app, you can use your iPhone as the scanner, sync your data, and browse your up-to-date information on the bigger screen.

A free version is available that does not have the scanning function so that you can check out the interface and manually type in UPC codes. [iTunes Link]

MoviesNow HD

Similar to Fandango, MoviesNow will let you purchase tickets on the go. However, this app really goes above and beyond in design, sporting a beautiful interface and great usability. If you’d prefer a shiny black interface to Fandango’s boring theme, grab this, and prepare to be stunned by its amazing visual innovation. [iTunes Link]

CineTap Mini for Netflix

In my opinion, the best Netflix Instant app out there, CineTap Mini delivers for helping you find the best movies to watch. The interface towers over Netflix’s app, with a beautifully designed menu and easy-to-search, easy-to-browse, way-easier-to-rate-than-Netflix menu options.

When you tap a movie to watch, the Netflix app will open directly to the streaming interface, so you don’t have to deal with Netflix’s menus. And when the movie’s over, it should direct you right back to CineTap so you can rate it. [iTunes Link]

Scene It? Movies

Scene It is a great movie trivia game with a friendly interface, variety of questions/games, and hours of fun. I’ve played Scene It on gaming consoles, the DVD board game, and on demand. The iPhone version is definitely a worthy addition to the list. [iTunes Link]

Honorable Mention

Netflix – You need it to use CineTap, but its interface is quite slow and clumsy. Get this, and then get CineTap. Do it. [iTunes Link]

What are your favorites?