Will the White iPhone be Released on February 27th?

Take the following information with a nice dose of salt. We’ve all heard these rumors before, but MacRumors is reporting that the mythical white iPhone 4 could see a release as early as next month.

Originally scheduled to launch alongside the black iPhone 4 last summer, the white version has hit stumbling block, upon stumbling block, with still no clear-cut reason for the length of the delay.

Apple has reportedly experienced manufacturing issues with the all white iPhone 4, but it looks like those issues may have been ironed out. That’s right, Best Buy’s computers are showing the white iPhone 4 SKU, with a release date of February 27th, 2011…

No doubt, store inventory systems have been dead wrong in the past, but this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard rumblings about the white iPhone 4 rearing its head around this time of year. This may indeed be the real deal this time around.

My question to Apple is this; why even bother at this point? Why not just wait until the iPhone 5, and really make a splash? I doubt that many people are still holding out for a white iPhone 4.

What about you? You aren’t still holding out, are you?