Tethered Versus Untethered: A Tale of Two Jailbreaks

Back in November, we brought you this article highlighting the differences between a tethered jailbreak versus an untethered jailbreak. That article satisfied a lot of unanswered questions, but we understand that there still remains quite a bit of confusion between the two types of jailbreaks.

Does having a tethered jailbreak really mean that you cannot reboot your iPhone without a computer? We answer this, and additional questions in this video tutorial…

In a nutshell, yes, a tethered jailbreak is still undesirable because you will not be able to use your iPhone if it powers down for any reason. In order to use it again, you will need to use a computer to perform a tethered boot with your jailbreak tool.

In my current circumstances, normally that’s fine, even with my daily driver. That’s because I’m usually very cautious about watching my iPhone’s battery life, and not doing anything that will cause it to reboot while I’m away from the office.

What do you currently use? Tethered or untethered? If untethered, do you find it to be a big hassle, or is it hardly noticeable? Let us know.