Create and Send Pre-Made Texts With ‘Canned’ for iPhone

Let’s be real, your time is precious. Sometimes you just don’t have time to shoot off a quick text. You could be in a meeting, driving, at work, or just plain lazy. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of pre-made, generic messages you could easily send in a text message?

Canned for iPhone, by Sky Balloon, is a lightweight, simple app that allows you to easily send off “canned” responses through text message. The app integrates with your Messages app by pasting your replies into the input field and allowing you to choose your recipient…

Canned is a super easy app to understand. It’s the perfect example of a great-working app with a very specific functionality.

When you open Canned, you have a list of your pre-made messages. You can add any type of text you want. Don’t limit yourself to replies. If you text someone something frequently, add it to Canned and save yourself the time of having to write that same message over and over.

What’s really slick about Canned is that it lets you assign contacts to your pre-made messages. For instance, if you tell a certain someone, “I love you” regularly, save that message in Canned and assign a specific contact that you want to go with that message.

When you do this, the “name” field of the compose message window will also be pre-filled with the contact you set. Multiple contacts can be assigned to a message as well; that makes sending out mass texts a breeze.

With Canned, you can save a message that’s assigned to a certain contact, and use Canned to send that message as often as you need. No more of composing the same text over and over throughout the week. With Canned, it’s as easy as a couple finger taps.

Canned is super fast. It works just as fluidly as the native Messages app for the iPhone. In fact, if it weren’t for the list of messages when you open the app, one might think Canned and Apple’s Messages app are one in the same.

I really love Canned. It’s definitely taken a spot on my iPhone’s first page. Pick it up for only $0.99 in the App Store.

What do you think of Canned? Does it sound useful to you?