New Apple Patent May Indicate Future iPhone Antenna Plans

Now that the fallout from Antennagate has all but passed, Apple is exploring future options for antenna placement. They appear to be going back to the drawing board with the latest design; can you blame them?

As you are aware, the latest version of the iPhone, the iPhone 4, ditched the previous methods of embedding the antennas in favor of a metal band antenna forming a bezel around the phone. From a design standpoint this looked outstanding, but the good looks didn’t exactly translate into good functionality…

In what may be a remedy to the iPhone 4’s signal woes, these latest patent details show an antenna placement in spot familiar to all Apple fans; right behind the logo.

Theoretically, this would allow the antenna to draw a strong signal without impacting the phone’s form, or function. Apple’s designers are likely kicking themselves for not thinking about this before.

Looks like a good idea to me; what about you?

[Patently Apple]