I’m Getting a White iPhone 4 for Christmas

I’m getting a white iPhone 4 for Christmas. Not an actual white iPhone 4 because we all know they’re not coming until at least next Spring, (I think there’s never going to be a white iPhone 4 but that’s another story).

No, I’m not getting a real white iPhone 4, but white iPhone 4 Christmas ornaments to decorate our Xmas tree…

It won’t feel like Christmas until you have this epic White iPhone 4 Ornament hanging on your tree. This limited run of handmad, novelty ornaments are printed onto premium photo paper and then mounted on durable, coated cardboard stock.

Your handmade iPhone 4 ornament will arrive in a small gift box along with the hook for hanging. Magnets have been added to the back for weight, which will also let you enjoy your iPhone 4 as refrigerator for the new year ahead.

Ornaments are lightweight and measure (3″ x 1.5″), but they should be kept clear of liquids, food and hand goo for months of long lasting pleasure.

You can get these for $10 on Etsy, but hurry up because they don’t have much left on inventory.

Is that something you could see on your tree?

[iPhone Savior]