Make This Season’s Shopping Easier With Gift Plan for iPhone

Everyone is shopping this time of the year. The Christmas season, especially in America, has everyone out buying gifts for their loved ones. To most people, this season is the season of paper receipts and checklists for gift shopping. But us iPhone users are better than that. We have Gift Plan, by Glasshouse Apps.

Gift Plan is the ultimate shopping list for upcoming occasions. The app is gorgeously designed with pixel perfection. With Gift Plan, you’ll not only stay on top of your Christmas shopping this year, but you’ll do it in style…

Gift Plan is simple and pretty to use, but plentiful with features.

You manage your gift tracking with different “Occasions.” You can filter your gifts by birthday, Christmas and anniversary (hopefully you shouldn’t have too many of those). You can import birthdays from your iPhone’s contacts and from your Facebook account. Importing from both of those sources should have most of your friends and family member’s birthday information covered.

Once your contacts are added, you have a nice list of upcoming occasions for your different friends. There is also a calendar view with color-coded events for your occasions.

The shopping list in Gift Plan is probably my favorite feature. It’s perfect for taking that daunting trip to the mall to get as many of your loved one’s Christmas gifts as possible. When adding a gift to the shopping list, you chose the recipient from your contact list, then the occasion type, then the name of the gift, and finally the price (if you already know it or have a guess).

There is also a nice push notification system for your date specific gifts. Guys will love this feature. (We are the forgetful ones, right?) With Gift Plan, you won’t have to worry about scrambling to the local Walmart on the day before Christmas to get that one gift you forgot. You can set notifications to come as early as you want, so you have plenty of time to get the perfect gift.

Gift Plan goes the extra mile with how it makes contacts more than just people to match up with gifts on a shopping list.

You can jot down gift ideas for your friend as they come to you. You can also document their likes and dislikes, clothing sizes, and what you’ve bought for them before. All this information will help you make the most informed gift choice as possible. Gift Plan stores all of this information with each contact, and you can always come back and see that item that you vaguely remember your friend showing an interest in.

Gift Plan is a must buy, especially for the Christmas season. Pick it up for $1.99 in the App Store.

What do you think of Gift Plan? Does it sound like something that would be useful this Christmas season?