App Review: Hotel Mogul

Hotel Mogul is by Alaware Entertainment and is actually the prequel to the game I reviewed a couple weeks ago, Vacation Mogul. Hotel Mogul is about a successful Real Estate Entrepreneur named Lynette, who lost her company in a nasty divorce with her husband. Determined to get her company back, she decides to make a new company to buy her old company back.

Just like Vacation Mogul you are given cash, materials and construction workers to build real estate and make specific goals for completing a level…

Hotel Mogul provides three types of real estate, hotels, commercial buildings and service industries. You will begin with campgrounds but will eventually be able to build motels, guesthouses, hotels and etc. Commercial buildings are divided into 2 groups, businesses and monuments. Both will offer surrounding real estate income bonuses in percentages, which can really boost your profits. Lastly, service industries such as a construction mill, real estate agency and a museum will give you bonuses such as lowering the price of real estate.

Just like any real estate mogul, you can buy and sell property. One neat feature is putting your property “for sale” and receiving various offers for it. There are also properties that offer income bonuses from 5%-20%, which is amazing when combined with different monuments can give you a 60% and higher profit bonus for the real estate in the vicinity.

There are no time limits for passing a level but if you accomplish the goals before an allotted time you earn an expert goal. But it really doesn’t do anything as you can progress without this.

The research tree will allow you to buy better buildings and real estate for more profit in your upcoming level. However, I found this feature quite useless, as you are unable to actually pick and choose what you want to buy. The real estate tree just appears when you need to buy a building for the next level. Also another gripe is that unlike Vacation Mogul, you can’t upgrade your real estate but since this is the prequel, I’m sure that they learned from that mistake and added that feature.

The graphics, sounds and music are well designed. Not once did I become annoyed (Unlike the drowning woman in Vacation Mogul). Everything is bright and colorful and the backgrounds for the different locations are no less than superb.

Game play never became boring as the game became challenging very quickly. But I wish they would get rid of these pointless mini-games (finding Lynette’s items in her messy office, etc). There are a total of 35 levels that go by very quickly if you like these types of games and for only $.99 you can buy an excellent 4 star-rated game in the AppStore. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Good Points:

  • Excellent Simulation Game with challenging goals
  • Excellent Graphics and Design

Bad Points:

  • Useless research tree
  • Minigames should be eliminated

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