Rage HD Lands on the iPhone [and It Looks Amazing]

I’m not a gamer at all but I can certainly appreciate a good game when I see one. Rage HD, a first-person shooter from iD Software (the creators of Doom and Quake) is one of those.

Rage HD is an on-rails shooter where the character moves for you while you control his field of view, pointing and shooting at your enemies with an insane range of weapons.

Enough with the talking, let’s have a look at Rage HD in action…

It’s interesting to note that iD Software released 2 versions of the game. A “normal” one for older iDevices like the iPhone 3G, and the HD version for more robust devices like the iPhone 4 or the iPad.

Priced at $1.99, Rage HD doesn’t look like a bad deal at all. If that’s your kinda game, you may want to give it a try and download it in the App Store.

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