Three Simple, Minimal Wallpapers for Your iPhone

I love non-distracting wallpapers. Both on the iPhone and desktop, I like my wallpaper to not overwhelm my focus every time I look at it. I’m always looking for simple, pretty wallpapers that I can use on all of my devices.

Recently, I stumbled on Hector Simpson’s “Redefined Desktop Collection.” This free wallpaper pack consists of three different designs for multiple desktop resolutions and the iPhone…

“Wood”, “Dark”, and “Light” are available for download at a range of resolutions and with multiple, slight variants. Both retina display and regular resolutions are available for all iOS devices.

Hector’s site is just as clean and beautiful as his wallpapers. I like the idea of having matching wallpapers on all of my devices. I’m currently rocking the “Wood” wallpaper on my MacBookPro and iPhone.

Head over to Hector’s site and download these pretty wallpapers.

Do you like simple wallpapers like these? Which one is your favorite?