iPhone Quick Tip: Having Internet Access on an Airplane

This article is the first of a series of quick tips that will be especially helpful to iPhone beginners. In this series, we’ll go over some iPhone basics to make sure our new fellow iPhone owners get the best out of their device. Today, our quick tip is about being able to have Internet access while flying.

Many airlines now offer in-flight wifi, which is a great way to kill time during a long flight. When boarding an airplane with a phone, you are required to either turn it off or activate the airplane mode, which basically turns off the iPhone cellular, wifi, bluetooh, and GPS to avoid interfering with the aircraft.

But did you know you can still enjoy Internet access while still on airplane mode?

To do so, just make sure airplane mode is ON, then go to Settings > Wi-Fi > and turn wifi ON.

That’s it. You’ll still be in compliance with airline regulations, and you’ll have Internet access on your iPhone.