Sticky Buttons Make Your iPhone Touchscreen a Better Control Pad

No doubt the iPhone is a great gaming device, however, one big problem I have with it is when playing games that require heavy use of the touchscreen. Like Street Fighter IV for example.

Because you can’t feel the buttons, you sometimes miss the button you want to hit, causing you to lose for the 5th time in a row against M. Bison. No more of that, thanks to those stick-on buttons that will turn your iPhone into a better game pad…

Just like a screen protector, the Tactile+ will stick to your iPhone screen. The little raised nubs will then allow you to feel where the buttons are located, preventing your fingers to accidentally wander off.

Selling at about $8 for a set of 2, you will have to be fluent in Japanese to order them. I think they’re a great invention and I could probably see myself using them. You?

[Oh Gizmo]