FaceTime Coming to iPhone 3GS

The same guys who recently brought us the FaceTime Haktivator app for jailbroken iPhones are back at it, this time with an app called FaceIt-3GS, which lets you have FaceTime on a jailbroken iPhone 3GS.

FaceIt-3GS is still in development as the developers are working the bugs out was just released in Cydia and the video below shows it working well. As you can see, it’s not possible yet to use the camera of the iPhone 3GS but I assume it’s just a matter of time until they figure out how to plug it in…

You can grab it in Cydia via the iPhone Islam repo: http://apps.iphoneislam.com. In the meantime, share what you think about FaceIt-3GS. Is it something you would use?

[iSpazio via RP]