How to Activate FaceTime in Unsupported Countries

For some reasons far beyond my understanding, FaceTime has been banned from several countries in the Middle East, and up until today, there was to way to activate FaceTime there. It’s now possible thanks to a hack called FaceTime Hacktivator.

Like most hack, it requires your iPhone 4 to be jailbroken. If it’s not done yet, you can do so using PwnageTool, GreenPois0n, or LimeRa1n. Once jailbroken, follow these instructions to activate FaceTime in any unsupported countries, including in the Middle East…

Step 1: Go to Cydia and add the following source:

Step 2: Search for FaceTime Hacktivator. Install the app and reboot your iPhone.

Step 3: Go to Settings > Phone, and activate the FaceTime option.

Step 4: Your iPhone will then send the activation SMS.

You’re now good to go!

If you have any question, please feel free to leave a comment below.

[Redmond Pie]