PwnageTool iPhone Jailbreak for Windows Coming Soon?

According to a tweet from MuscleNerd, iPhone jailbreak developer Chpwn will soon start working on a Windows version of the PwnageTool jailbreak. To date, PwnageTool is a Mac only jailbreak that allows you to update your iPhone to a jailbroken firmware while preserving the baseband so you can unlock your iPhone.

The news about PwnageTool for Windows came from an argument between MuscleNerd and iH8Sn0w on Twitter. I’ve never been a huge fan of iH8Sn0w and his Sn0wBreeze tool, and it seems that the Dev Team isn’t either…

Chpwn commented that he hasn’t been on a computer in days but that working on PwnageTool for Windows is on his to-do list, which means we shouldn’t expect this new tool to be released soon.

Windows users, how do you feel about that?