App Review: Super Mega Worm

A quick look at ‘Super Mega Worm’ may make you think that this was a ported game from the old-school Nintendo. A closer look at Developer’s website (Deceased Pixel), reveals that their whole concept is developing retro games.

With some of the amazing iPhone games coming out these days, I hope you guys aren’t turned off by retro graphics because with ‘Super Mega Worm’ it offers loads of gratuitous bloody fun in old-skool style!

The concept of ‘Super Mega Worm’ is simple. As a worm, you must burrow in and out of the ground, and gifted with the ability to jump off planes and cars to propel yourself to do only one thing: destroy things and deliciously eat unsuspecting humans. Your health meter is constantly depleting so you must always eat or risk dying and ultimately ending the game.

You begin as small, weak newborn worm with the mission of eating the required number of humans to move onto the next level.There are a total of 24 levels, and as you progress you slowly become bigger and are awarded with new abilities such as an EMP Blast, fireballs and etc to effectively cause more mayhem. But you will also take on those who are bent on your destruction as well, such as the army… so either avoid them or chomp away to your heart’s content.

Controlling is also very simple. Your worm is constantly on the go so there are two but equally fun ways of controlling this monster. You can either use the Accelerometer or the slider to direct your man-eating worm. Personally I just used the slider as its too bothering to always be moving (I’m sure some of you can attest!)

This game does get repetitive, as there are no achievements. For those who are other than casual gamers you may not like this game. But for me it was fun because it offers great arcade style game play for the low price of only $1.99. You can download Super Mega Worm here.