Now that I’m running a jailbroken iDevice again, I find myself browsing the Cydia store once again. ¬†With the A4 and more memory, Cydia seems a little bit snappier than my previous generation device, but it’s still a slow experience. ¬†It seems that no matter how much faster Cydia can get, viewing app descriptions will only be as fast as it takes for the sponsored ads to load.

I’m a little curious how much money the repo sites make from the ads in Cydia. ¬†It can’t be that much, because I’ve never clicked one; I’ve also seen devs commenting on how few people click the ads for their free tweaks. ¬†But they’re still there, so they must make something, right?¬†

Okay, so here was my next thought. ¬†What if there was a paid version of Cydia with no ads? ¬†Just like the free apps in the App Store have iAds and the paid version of the same apps are ad-free. ¬†Call it Cydia Pro, or Cydia+. ¬†The free version will still be available, but for $4.99 you could get an ad-free version of Cydia. ¬†Maybe $1.99 for 4 months? ¬†I can’t imagine that they make more than that per user, and it would definitely increase their revenues.

What do you think? Would you pay for a pro version of Cydia?  Do you think it would enhance the user experience?