Would You Pay for a Cydia Pro Version?

Now that I’m running a jailbroken iDevice again, I find myself browsing the Cydia store once again.  With the A4 and more memory, Cydia seems a little bit snappier than my previous generation device, but it’s still a slow experience.  It seems that no matter how much faster Cydia can get, viewing app descriptions will only be as fast as it takes for the sponsored ads to load.

I’m a little curious how much money the repo sites make from the ads in Cydia.  It can’t be that much, because I’ve never clicked one; I’ve also seen devs commenting on how few people click the ads for their free tweaks.  But they’re still there, so they must make something, right? 

Okay, so here was my next thought.  What if there was a paid version of Cydia with no ads?  Just like the free apps in the App Store have iAds and the paid version of the same apps are ad-free.  Call it Cydia Pro, or Cydia+.  The free version will still be available, but for $4.99 you could get an ad-free version of Cydia.  Maybe $1.99 for 4 months?  I can’t imagine that they make more than that per user, and it would definitely increase their revenues.

What do you think? Would you pay for a pro version of Cydia?  Do you think it would enhance the user experience?