Zero Out iPhone Free Space with iWipe

iWipe is a utility that zeros out free space on iDevices.

A common misconception about storage devices is when a file is deleted, it’s permanently deleted. This is not correct. Only the reference to that space on the storage device is removed preserving the real data on the sectors of the drive. The same concept applies when you restore your iDevice. This is called a low level format.

Last year, I heard reports that Apple was issuing refurbished 3GS devices with data of the previous owner still preserved. Whether this was rumor or fact, I didn’t want to risk selling my devices with the risk of my personal data still preserved… 

I’m not a secret agent by any means but my data is my data and it’s private. Maybe I’m being paranoid but that’s my right and I’m grateful such a utility exists. Plus, I helped feed a hungry independent developer.

Beyond the average user, I can see a utility like this in demand if and when the iPhone takes over the Blackberry in the business world. Makes sense. Most business don’t like to risk any data of their internal affairs to fall into the wrong hands.

While there is an alternative in the App Store, I prefer to support the Jailbreak community. Not to mention it’s cheaper in the Cydia Store at a low price of $2. That’s cheap considering the peace of mind you get in return. What about you? Is iWipe a utility you think you’d find useful?