App Review: Trainyard

Trainyard is a puzzle game created by Matt Rix. One might easily look over Trainyard as another useless game for the iDevices because it doesn’t really feature cute characters and fun animation. With all the apps that are being developed these days, if the screenshot doesn’t look good I usually pass.

But digging a little deeper (albeit with the help of some great iTunes App Store Rankings and thousands of five star reviews!), players will be surprised at the level of depth this puzzle game provides…

The goal is simple, stations are marked with different colors or shapes (if you are color blind) and you must draw a line matching them to one another (for example, blue to blue, green to green, etc) but in a way where your trains do not crash into each other.

You can freely draw the tracks anywhere you want and can easily undo and erase your mistakes. After matching the stations, your trains can travel across thus allowing you to complete the level. Not bad right? And that is learned through Trainyard’s tutorial.

Trainyard follows the formula of getting stars to unlock more levels, so the harder the level the more stars you get. This game has 150 different puzzles, which offer hours of gaming for puzzle enthusiasts.

An interesting point is that there is no “real” solution to the puzzles. There are different ways you can pass a level and if you’re feeling generous you can select the “share solution” button where others can see them and try them out themselves. This is extremely helpful for times when you are stuck and can’t figure it out.

As you progress, the puzzles become increasingly difficult. For those of you who didn’t take art class, you are warned! For example, you have to mix trains to get another color to ultimately pass the level. Remember, combining blue and yellow gets you what? I hope you said Green! But don’t worry you can view other solutions.

Trainyard is cheap at only $.99 [iTunes Link]! And it offers puzzle lovers a load of fun.