Have a Peek Into Someone Else’s Life with SpyCams

Life’s boring? Have a peek into someone else’s with SpyCams for iPhone or iPod touch. Search, rate and comment on newly posted or popular security cameras from the comfort of – anywhere, for free.

While the app is simple and easy to use, I found myself looking at the same boring screens. One would have to scroll endlessly to find a gem of an exhibition. A lot of the cams show places like streets, offices, empty lots, hotel cams, city and waterscapes… 

The quality of the feed varies (from grainy night cameras, wide fisheye lenses to office and outdoor color cameras), but most of the time you get a clear picture. Under the video feed tells the location (place, city and country) of the camera.

I’ve noticed in the last hour of writing, snapping screens and checking out different feeds I’ve lost about 10%-15% battery.

A feature I’d like to see Spy Cams have is a way to add my own feeds to the list, for others to rate and comment on.
All in all, because the app if free, I’ll keep it around. However, because it drains the battery life so quickly, I’m most likely to use it to kill a few minutes in the waiting room or a short bus ride.