ScanIt: A Great Free App for QR Codes

I see QR codes springing up everywhere, and naturally, I wanted that functionality on my iPhone. There’s a free app in the App Store, ScanIt, that will allow you to use your iPhone’s camera to scan a QR code. Then depending on what type of information is contained within the code, it will launch the appropriate app.

An email address will launch the Contacts app while a URL will launch the website in Mobile Safari. This is a single-functionality app, so it will not scan barcodes. But for a free QR scanning app, this is a must have.

Here’s a cool way that I’ve integrated this into my life…

Grab this QR generator bookmarklet, and add it to your Safari bookmarks on your desktop or iPhone. It lets you quickly generate a QR code for whichever website you’re browsing. Save the image, print it out, tape it to your desk or wall, and you can quickly launch a favorite website. Alternatively, you can use this free QR Code Generator to quickly make a custom one with any data.

Now if you generate a QR code for your Chrome-to-iPhone or Receive With KeepItWithMe URLs, you can have a dynamic QR to quickly launch a website. If you use any of the iPhone app URL schemes, you can launch your favorite app quickly. Or if you keep all of product manuals, you could tape a QR code for a company’s website or support hotline to the cover of the manual for quick access.

What else can you make this do for you?