My iPhone Has Cydia, Now What?

Now that we all have our iPhones running Cydia again I started to get a bit restless for something new to play around with. After looking around the repositories for apps and ringtones, I decided as a computer nerd myself, that I wanted to create my own Cydia repository.

A few seconds of Google searching lead me to an article on creating a Cydia repository. I figured it shouldn’t be too hard so I took a crack at it today…

I am happy to say that after reading this article a couple times, I was able to successfully make my own Cydia repository and host it on my own existing web server. Since I am big on custom ringtones (per my earlier article), I decided to start there and made my first ringtone download.

One of the things that has always bugged me with iOS is the fact that any ringtone I add via iTunes gets placed into a separate folder and list than the system default collection, which is cheesy at best. To me it is just sloppy programming to place them in different locations especially since Apple makes both iOS and iTunes, but the nice part about making your own packages is you can hard code them to be in the system ringtone folder with all the other system tones.

Now that I have my own repository up and running and understand how the packaging system works I am thinking of branching out into making some custom themes as well. At some point down the road I want to actually put my developer membership to good use and start making apps but I need to buy a Mac first.

With my success today I am going to be spending quite a bit of my free time building up my own repository and at some point will probably share it with everyone else. If you are reading this and love to tinker with software yourself, I encourage you to give making your own repository a try.

What do you think, are you game for some repository work? Or do you have themes that maybe I can throw on my server for you when I am done?