PwnageTool Jailbreak for iOS 4.1 Coming this Sunday

MuscleNerd announced on Twitter earlier today that the Dev Team will be releasing an updated version of PwnageTool to jailbreak iOS 4.1. Not only this version will work with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, but it will also allow to jailbreak the new Apple TV.

PwnageTool is a Mac only tool that allows you to update the firmware while preserving the baseband. It is necessary for those of you who want to be on the latest iOS, while keeping their iPhone unlock. If you’re on a PC and want to update to iOS 4.1 while not upgrading the baseband, you may refer to our tutorial

As usual, we will keep you in the loop and will provide you with a guide and tutorial on how to use PwnageTool as soon as it is available for download.