Xtand iPhone Dock [Review]

Finding the right way to make the iPhone part of the desktop is important for some of us. Enter the Xtand from JustMobile. While there are plenty of mounts and stands for the iPhone, few of them truly capture the aesthetic functionality blend that makes Apple distinct. The Xtand does just that.

It holds the iPhone landscape or portrait at adjustable angles. The aluminum stand looks very similar to the iMac stand. The stand doesn’t block any buttons or connections, gripping perfectly at the four corners of the device. The bottom of the stand features a gripping rubber surface to keep it from moving during use…

Now next to my MacBook, I’ve found ways to incorporate it into my workflow. For starters, when used with Pastefire, I can watch YouTube videos on my iPhone instead of eating up my MacBook’s resources. The Xtand makes the experience practical and viewable.

It’s well suited for apps like AirDisplay. And with the midi apps available for controlling Logic, Reason, or GarageBand, it holds the iPhone perfectly to allow use as an input device. As for using the iPhone as a webcam (iWebCamera) the angle is inconvenient and too up-the-nose.

For everything else, it’s a perfect way to get that docked feeling from the iPhone. And if you’re using it with Veency to type with a real keyboard, it’s an equally pleasant experience, making it feel a lot like a docked keyboard setup. You’ll quickly forget about any black screen Veency limitations.

While $40 may seem steep for a stand that you can make out of a paperclip, you’ll realize the value after owning it for a few days. You can grab one from the website.