Has Apple Quietly Approved the Official Google Voice App?

When we reported on GV Mobile+ being submitted and approved by the App Store last week I was so happy I could kiss you. Now it seems like Google’s official application may have already been approved by Apple.

This of course is all brought on by Apple’s revision of the App Store guidelines which previously banned apps like Google Voice, Flash and others. TechCrunch has a quote from a source in their breaking report that reads:

TechCrunch has gotten word that the official Google Voice application is on its way to the iPhone in the next few weeks. In fact, [they’ve] heard from a source close to Google that it’s already been approved – Google just needs to revamp the application to work with the iPhone 4 and iOS’s multitasking capabilities.

Google Voice had been blocked (from the App Store) for over a year for what Apple cited as “duplicate existing functionality” which is ever bit as vague as it sounds. Then on the 9th of September this year Apple announced that they would be revising the guidelines that once challenged the API limitations apps such as Google Voice have been known to do.

When will we see it? Will you switch over to the official Google Voice app or just use one of the 3rd party imitators that have already graced the virtual shelves of the App Store? Voice your opinion in the comments below.