pod2g Leaves the Chronic Dev Team. Is Greenpois0n Endangered?

pod2g, the guy who discovered the SHAtter exploit that will hopefully allow the GreenPois0n jailbreak to come to life, just announced he is leaving the Chronic Dev Team.

In a series of tweets, pod2g explained that he’s not working with the Chronic Dev Team anymore and that he will now be working independently. The question that comes to mind when reading this is: will the developement of GreenPois0n be affected?

Apparently everything will be fine as pod2g confirms that he gave all the details of his SHAtter exploit to both the Chronic Dev Team and the Dev Team.

The reason for his departure? Some were already speculating there were ego issues with other co-members but that’s not the case. As he said on Twitter, pod2g is not a jailbreak tool developer. He likes to find exploits but it doesn’t go beyond that.

We should all be very grateful for his work and wish him well. I’m pretty sure we’ll hear from him again soon.

[Redmond Pie]