Jailbreak App Lets You Use Your iPhone While It’s Syncing With iTunes

The jailbreak community is always exciting. There’s always a new application in development soon to be released to an unsuspecting public. Today, Synchronicity takes the throne. It allows you to use your iPhone while it’s currently synchronizing with iTunes. I’m not sure why Apple disables us by disallowing usage of devices during a sync. Personally, I think Apple should allow this function by default.


Synchronicity gives you the option to use your device during an iTunes sync. Instead of being stuck at the lock screen while you transfer new content, you can unlock, run apps, make calls, etc. You can do whatever you want, except run the Music app, which is disabled during syncs to prevent data corruption.

Synchronicity requires a jailbroken iOS 4.x iPhone (currently not compatible with iPad). It comes with a small price tag of $2 and is available in the Cydia Store. If you decide to buy it, let us know what you think. I personally think it’s an excellent application.